Peaceable Paws Academy

Peace­able Paws Level 1 Intern Acad­emy:
Pre­mier Dog Trainer Instruction

Do you want to…

Make a career out of train­ing dogs?
Become an expert trainer for your own sake?
Improve your work with shel­ter dogs?
Pre­pare for your CPDT exam?

Then come to the stun­ning Blue Ridge Moun­tains for this inten­sive 6-day acad­emy on dog train­ing and behav­ior taught by Pat Miller and Lisa Wag­goner. What­ever your back­ground, this course will give you the foun­da­tion required for pro­fes­sional dog training—and is the first step toward Pat Miller Certification.

After spend­ing 6 days work­ing with an untrained shel­ter dog, grad­u­ates come away with a thor­ough under­stand­ing of how dogs think and learn, improved train­ing skills, new pro­fes­sional rela­tion­ships, and insight into the work and busi­ness of being a dog trainer.


When:  April 7–12, 2014 and Sep­tem­ber 8–13, 2014
Where:  Cold Nose Col­lege Train­ing & Edu­ca­tion Cen­ter, Mur­phy, NC  (map)
Who for:  Dog train­ers at all lev­els, shel­ter work­ers, and dog train­ing hob­by­ists.
Dura­tion:  6 days
Class size:  8 stu­dents
Cost:  $1,300
CEUs:   Approved for 22 CEUs

Pro­gram Objectives

  • Lay a solid the­o­ret­i­cal and prac­ti­cal foun­da­tion in the sci­en­tific prin­ci­ples of behav­ior and learn­ing and their appli­ca­tion to the real world of dog training
  • Explore the dog train­ing pro­fes­sion from the per­spec­tive of busi­ness prac­tice and ethics
  • Pro­vide an oppor­tu­nity for dog train­ers to share, com­pare, ana­lyze and hone their pos­i­tive train­ing and behav­ior tools and methods
  • Grad­u­ates of the pro­gram should be well equipped to return home and apply their knowl­edge effec­tively in an exist­ing train­ing busi­ness or dur­ing appren­tice­ships and other ongo­ing learn­ing experiences.


Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, is the owner of Peace­able Paws, Direc­tor of the Peace­able Paws Acad­e­mies, and an inter­na­tion­ally acclaimed trainer and sem­i­nar speaker. She is the train­ing edi­tor for the Whole Dog Jour­nal and the award-winning author of five books on dog train­ing and behavior.


Lisa Wag­goner, CPDT-KA, PMCT-2, is the founder of Cold Nose Col­lege and a trainer and behav­ior con­sul­tant to clients through­out the south­east. She’s a reg­u­lar dog train­ing colum­nist for the Chero­kee Scout News­pa­per, a DVD Reviewer for The APDT Chron­i­cle of the Dog, a con­trib­u­tor to the Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Coun­cil for Pro­fes­sional Dog Trainer’s newslet­ter, and a dog∗tec Cer­ti­fied Dog Walker / Instructor.

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The right way

“The most amaz­ing thing I learned is that it doesn’t take that much time to train a dog when you know the right way. A behav­ior was usu­ally learned with just two or three five-minute ses­sions a day and within a week they were solid with the com­mand. Thank you again.”

–Judy Grove, Brasstown, North Carolina

Peaceable: 1


Peaceable: Apprentice 7


Prepared me for cpdt-ka

“It pre­pared me well for the CPDT-KA exam and gave me a rock solid foun­da­tion in reward-based train­ing method­ol­ogy.”

–Lisa Matthews, Ed.S., CPDT-KA

Peaceable: Apprentice 5


what you get

  • Cer­tifi­cate of completion
  • Great train­ing for CPDT exam
  • 22 CPDT CEUs
  • Eli­gi­bil­ity for Level 2 & 3 academies
  • Dis­counts on dog•tec products
  • Access to online net­work of 200 grads
  • Light break­fast and snacks every day