Adorable Puppy Seeking New Home

100% Cuteness
Not sure I’ve seen a more adorable puppy!  Well, maybe my own girl, Willow, but don’t you agree this little one is a looker?!
This from Deana Stranz who is fostering this little one:
About 3 weeks ago my neighbor pulled this puppy out of the storm drain in front of my house – yes she was about 6 ft down there and had been there for a while! She was really thin, you could see her hip and rib bones, but she was really happy to be out! I dont think she was going to make it much longer. I had actually heard her about 3 days before whinning but I thought it was a dog in a neighbors backyard. we put an ad in the Tucker paper, emailed the community but no one has claimed her. I have actually thought about keeping her myself but with my hectic schedule its just not the right time.
Bet you wish you had ears like mine!
She is still a puppy, has all her puppy teeth, and is really sweet. She loves loves loves to play with other dogs and run! She would be awesome with another dog or a family. She would also be great at agility and training-one because she is very food motivated and two she is very sure footed and not afraid of heights at all – I can send you the video of her walking across the 8 inch wide half wall in my house! silly girl! She is really smart and I have already got her to realize when she goes potty outside she gets a treat and so when she does, she immediately comes in and sits by her bowl. She will also sit most of the time that you ask her. she is almost potty trained too but not 100%. She isnt food aggressive with people, I take her bones from her no problem but she does like to bury them in my house plants! I am not sure what kind of mix she is. she barks but not a lot. just when she needs to and sees something. Please let me know if you know of anyone looking for a companion!
Please email Deana if you or someone you know can give her a forever home:  dkstranz at

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