Agility In The Moonlight

After what seems like a month of rain it was nice to see the sun yesterday. Last night after supper when Lisa let Gibson out for his evening constitutional, she stepped back in and told me to get my coat and shoes. Well, being +R trained myself I quickly complied and headed out the door.  What we found was a beautiful crisp clear night with a moon as bright as day.  We walked out into the pasture marveling at how bright it was.  I love seeing shadows cast by the moonlight.  As we neared the agility field, you could see the colors on the equipment, the blue and yellow teeter, the red white and blue tire jump, and the green, blue and red hurdle jumps.  The closer we got, the quicker Gibson’s steps were.  Lisa gave the cue, “tire!” and Gibson picked up speed, headed straight for it and through the tire he went. Then “hut”….”hut” and over two hurdle jumps in a flash.  Then “teeter!” up and over, pausing on the yellow zone, and off.  Next was “weave” and through the weave poles he went, then one last “hut” and over the last hurdle.  We could have spent more time there but we continued our walk around the pasture just soaking in the moonlight and chasing sticks. Back inside with another log on the fire and a pooped pooch by our feet, we knew that we were surely a couple of lucky dogs.


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