Career Day at Murphy Elementary – June 6, 2008

Hats off to Murphy Elementary 5th Grade Teacher Extraordinaire, Scarlett Allison, for inviting Cold Nose College back for Career Day 2008!  We had another fabulous day at MES speaking to 5th graders about what it feels like and what it takes to be a Professional Dog Trainer.  We discussed the certification process to become a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) and the organization for dog trainers, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), as well as what a “day in the life of a trainer” might look like.  We enjoy what we do so much, that it’s always fun to help others learn about the profession.  We spoke to two fifth grade classes with about 20 students in each class.  What an astute and intuitive group of young people they were.

When asked “What do you think it takes to be a dog trainer?”  The first three answers from three different students were:  Compassion, Respect and Patience.  Now, don’t you think I was ready to sign them up as apprentice trainers?  You bet!

Each of the students had a chance to individually practing safely approaching and petting a dog, as well as practicing Targeting with Gibson.  Targeting is teaching a dog to use its nose to touch an object on cue (great for focusing an excitable dog, building confidence in a shy dog and a variety of other great uses).

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