Ease your stress with these tips for dog-friendly holiday parties

Cody the dog exploring Lowes.

Keeping families and dogs happy in the home during the holidays is a worthy goal.  Read more to learn how to ease the stress your dog feels during the holidays. You’ll feel less stressed too.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us. It’s a busy time of year. Homes are often turned […]

Dog Management & Training – The Dynamic Duo

Dog Management & Training | Oh those well-known duos we often speak about – peas and carrots, salt and pepper and wine and cheese just to name a few. I particularly love that wine and cheese duo! In the world of dog training “management and training” is the quintessential dynamic duo and I think most […]

Dog Halloween Safety & Comfort for Your Dog

Dog Halloween | There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning and pumpkins are popping up all over the place, Halloween is right around the corner. While it’s a festive and fun event for adults and children it can be downright frightening (literally!) for your favorite canine kid. Here are 3 things you […]

Easily Train a Dog Trick | Capturing a Behavior

Not long ago, I wrote about how I was capturing a behavior that Willow, our 6 year old Australian Shepherd, frequently offers. She runs in our pasture, dipping her shoulder and then sliding some distance.  It’s a very cute dog trick. This video shows the slight progress we had made at the time: I’ve continued to […]

Cat Carrier | Does Your Cat Love It?

Does your cat love her cat carrier? So many cats do not because the only time they’re put in it is to go to the vet. In years past, I’ve bled while trying to stuff my cat into the carrier and by doing so I was likely as stressed as she was. It doesn’t have […]

Service Dog: What You Need to Know

As professional dog trainers, we often get calls from someone who wants their dog to become a service dog.  More often than not, however, these individuals are not at all sure what that involves. There are different designations such as service dog, therapy dog, and emotional support dog. All of these designations have different requirements […]

Ask the Trainer – Free Community Event by the Trainers of Cold Nose College

Have you ever stopped to consider that dog training involves both ends of the leash? Join the trainers of Cold Nose College for an information packed hour where we help you understand how fun and effective it can be training your favorite furry friend! And that goes for cats too! You’ll have a chance to learn: […]

Dog Behavior Capturing & Putting it on Cue

Australian Shepherd surrounded by daisies

Good news! There are so many different ways to teach a specific dog a skill. Thankfully, with positive training, you can quickly and easily guide your dog to the final goal behavior, all without the use of force, fear or intimidation. The most common methods are luring, capturing and shaping and your choice of which […]

Dog Overboard!

A big thanks to Meg Marrs for sharing these important safety tips for boating with your dog! We know that many folks with dogs love to take their pooches out to sea in the summer. With warmer weather and easier sailing, it’s not so unusual to see a furry four-footer playing the role of skipper! […]

Separation Anxiety and a Second Dog – Will it help?

One of my recent separation anxiety clients asked me a common question during our initial call, “Will getting a second dog help?” My heart swells with appreciation for guardians whose dogs display separation-related anxiety. There’s a technical difference between separation anxiety, when the dog is anxious when not in the presence of a specific person; […]