We walk, think, and dream dog...

Seems our dog brains rarely power down, and there has to be a depository for all our musings. We hope you enjoy this ongoing collection of our training thoughts, with a bit of CNC news thrown in here and there.

Autoimmune Disease in Dogs

As many of you know, our dog, Cody, has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  Because of his specific multiple symptoms over the course of the two years we’ve been seeking answers and the recent ANA test that was positive, we suspect it’s Lupus. It’s been a very long

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When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve had a number of friends and clients contact me asking, “How do I know when it’s time to let my dog go?”  A year ago tomorrow we had to make that same decision with our incredibly wonderful Aussie, Gibson. He was

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Toxins? Just say No!

  It’s November and a time of giving thanks.  I do feel thankful each day because I’m passionate about the work I do, but I’m feeling particularly thankful today because my Aussie, Gibson is now home and feeling well after four days in the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital ICU

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Thunder Phobia and our dog Cody

This spring has been particularly active with thunderstorms so it’s no wonder that so many of our training friends and other professionals in the business of dogs have been writing about thunder phobia. My purpose in writing this is to chronicle our own experience with our dog Cody who is

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