We walk, think, and dream dog...

Seems our dog brains rarely power down, and there has to be a depository for all our musings. We hope you enjoy this ongoing collection of our training thoughts, with a bit of CNC news thrown in here and there.

What is a Cue?

As trainers using only force-free training techniques, our clients are always puzzled when we talk about “cueing” a dog.  We use the word Cue instead of Command.  Why, you ask? Command implies that if the dog doesn’t do what we ask, something dire will happen.  In force-free training, if the dog doesn’t

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Strategies to Prevent Dog Bites

It’s probably not surprising to anyone who knows any one of us at Cold Nose College for us to tell you we’re advocates for dogs.  All dogs.  No matter the breed, no matter the size. As a professional dog trainer, I work with furry clients who have very sharp teeth

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Dog Bite Prevention & Awareness Resources

Dog Bite Prevention & Awareness  – Thank you for being part of the solution. Doggone Safe:  www.doggonesafe.com :  Doggone Safe is a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education and dog bite victim support.  Doggone Safe’s mission is to promote education initatives for the purpose of dog bite

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Not Every Dog Can be a Therapy Dog

  “I want my dog to be a therapy dog!”  That’s the comment we hear in many phone calls to Cold Nose College.  The truth is, though many people would like to do therapy work with their dogs, it takes much more than desire to make your wish come true.

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