We walk, think, and dream dog...

Seems our dog brains rarely power down, and there has to be a depository for all our musings. We hope you enjoy this ongoing collection of our training thoughts, with a bit of CNC news thrown in here and there.

There’s No App for That!

  As “National Train Your Dog Month” comes to a close again this year, I’m reviewing the comments and questions below our daily Training Tip posts on Facebook. The overwhelming majority of comments were positive and the questions gave us great ideas for future posts. Thank you to everyone who

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How do I get my dog to stop ______?

All you have to do is fill in that blank with jumping, digging, barking, chewing, etc. First, think about it from a dog’s perspective. All those behaviors (digging, jumping, biting, barking and chewing) are typical species behaviors. They’re the things that all dogs need to get along and to live

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Oh No…..Not Change!

If the turn of the year causes you to consider resolutions that involve change, I trust you’ll take in to account that while the change is often thought out on your part, it can be mildly to extremely stressful for your dog who knows nothing of  what’s about to occur. 

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Please….No Dogs or Puppies as Gifts

Oh my, the number of times we’ve had clients who are dismayed because a very well-meaning son or daughter gave them a “surprise” gift of a dog or puppy.  Bringing a dog into your home, no matter the age, should be a well thought out decision and one that the

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