Barking, Lunging, Growling & Aggression

white pomeranian dog growling when touchedLet us take the fear, frustration, and worry out of life with your dog.

  • Dog-dog aggression
  • Barking, lunging, growling on leash
  • Dog-human aggression
  • Barking, lunging, growling at people

If you’re feeling over your head with your dog’s aggressive displays, know you’re not alone. Many dogs exhibit some form of aggression during their life. There is hope! Aggression can be growling, lunging, a lip curl, or biting in an attempt to make “the scary thing” go away. 

Your dog may not intend to do physical harm, but if the threat doesn’t retreat, she may feel the need to escalate the behavior to solve the problem. We use scientifically sound, humane, and effective training techniques to help change your dog’s opinion about the thing that made her uncomfortable so that the “scary thing” becomes a “good thing”!  

Whether it’s stranger danger issues, growling when you try to take something away, lunging at children or other dogs, remember – there is hope. We’ll listen, understand your dog’s challenges, and suggest a training plan specifically designed for your dog.

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