Mind Your Manners for Dogs

Lisa Playing TugWhether you’re concerned about common behavior problems, would just enjoy a well-mannered dog, or have a new puppy wreaking not-always-adorable havoc, we can help. 

A well-mannered dog makes all the difference in a smooth-running household.  

If your dog is walking you, constantly pulling and lunging to get to whatever he wants, or busier than the server at the restaurant you’re enjoying instead of chilling politely on a mat, we’ve got you covered.    

While we tailor all our sessions to the needs of your particular dog, these are a few examples of what your dog can learn: 

  • Focus and attention
  • Sits and downs
  • Stays and waits
  • Recall, or coming when called
  • Walking nicely on leash
  • Leave it and take it
  • Drop it

Schedule a Manners Consult

60 Minutes - $150.00

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