Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a warm, safe and Happy New Year that included time spent with your furry friends, whether they’re canine, feline or equine!

We want to invite you to begin the year with a resolution to enjoy your dog more than ever and to continue to enhance your dog’s life through learning, training, exercise, and time spent with YOU (your dog’s hero!).   Good Manners and Reliable Recall classes begin in mid-January and we’ve added Dog Walking to our menu of services, giving you the ability to make sure your dog has appropriate exercise even if you’re personally unable to do it.  We’ll come to your home and walk your furry friend or we’ll pick up your canine kid and bring them to our 5 acres of fenced pasture to give them a chance to stretch their legs.

Be sure to stay tuned for our monthly Play in the Pasture days, where current and former clients can bring their dogs for some fun, off-leash frolicking on the farm.

On another note, I was reminded while driving home the other day that Identification for your dog is of utmost importance.  I was listening to the local radio’s Lost Dog report and there were upwards of 6 dogs who were lost, all of which were without identification.  Losing your faithful friend is a responsible dog owner’s worst nightmare.  We keep close watch of them, keep them on leash and close by us, but accidents can happen.  So what do you do?  Be sure you have multiple types of ID for your dog:

An ID tag with your dog’s name and phone numbers (include your cell number too) is the quickest way to a jubliant reunion and could save your dog (and you) a trip to the local shelter….not to mention saving you hours of worry.  However, tags can come off, so purchasing a collar that’s embroidered with your dog’s name and phone number is also a great idea.  A microchip is another great way to ID your dog.  It’s a tiny computer chip etched with an identification code and the injection takes only a few seconds and doesn’t require any anesthesia.  When you’re traveling, be sure to get a Temporary ID tag to attach to your dog’s collar with the phone number of the person who’s caring for your dog or the phone number of the friend, family member or the hotel where you’re temporarily staying.

So here’s to a happy, healthy, stimulating and safe year for all of you and your canine kids!

Lisa Lyle Waggoner is the author of The Original Rocket Recall™: Teach Your Dog to Come. She’s a CPDT-KA, a CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer), a Pat Miller Certified Trainer Level 2, Faculty for the Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Training and Behavior, a dog*tec Certified Professional Dog Walker and the founder of Cold Nose College in Murphy, North Carolina. The company’s trainers enjoy providing virtual behavior consulting and training solutions to clients around the globe and offers coaching, mentoring and behavior case support for pet professionals. www.coldnosecollege.com


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