Positive Reinforcement Reviews from Our Clients and Students

Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’re truly making a difference. So when we need a pick-me-up, we like to come here to read a review or two.

Herding dog puppy on grass

“Our dog’s separation anxiety dramatically improved.”

We had an incredible experience with Jenna, everything more than exceeded our expectations! After an initial consultation, she formulated a personalized yet flexible plan to help our dog with his separation anxiety. She quickly became attuned to our dog’s behavior and was able to tailor his plan to suit his needs. On our weekly check-ins, she provided invaluable feedback based on what she’d observed, and her positive attitude definitely kept us going. By the end of our time with Jenna, our dog’s separation anxiety had dramatically improved, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results of her training! She also made sure to set us up for success with tricks and tips to help him continue to improve once we’d finished training with her. She is so patient and kind, and she was truly invested in our dog’s progress. We are so grateful for her and genuinely don’t know where we’d be without her! We cannot recommend Jenna enough! Thanks for everything!

Nick Yam & Anita Hoang, New York, NY (Separation Anxiety Training)

Gary Horner, Manchester, United Kingdom (Separation Anxiety Training)

“You’ve helped both of us gain confidence we can take this forward.”

Thank you very much for your help from the start of the process. You have been so supportive and encouraging throughout the process and helped both of us gain in confidence and knowledge that we can take this forward. At the start of this process I did not think we would get this far, or even that it would work and now I’m exciting about continuing!”

“A packed half hour consult and signing up for online training!”

We are first time dog parents of a 2 year old dog from a shelter. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with potty training and dealing with barking at other dogs, we turned to Rachel. Our initial consultation was so reassuring. She was extremely knowledgeable and her recommendations made so much practical sense! Love the idea of “setting up a positive dialogue” with our dog—it totally changed our point of view. She was super respectful of the value of the time we had booked with her and packed the half hour consultation with tons of useful info. We are now going to sign up for 4 weeks of online training so we can make some substantial progress with our new furry friend!

Megan and Matt Moyneur, West Sacramento, CA (Virtual Training)

Marie Scott, Murphy, NC (Dog Training Classes)

“Training…works so well”

I see you have some new classes coming up. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results. Took Hunter to the Folk School today for a walk. Let him do his sniffing, etc. on the way out; “nice walk” back. He did so well. Still use a lot of our training. Targeting works so well if he gets wrapped around something, especially a briar. Of course “leave it” is a constant with him.

“I highly recommend CNC” I have taken classes from CNC for a number of years. My first class was 3 years ago with my Standard Poodle, Bailey, she was a puppy and we took the Basic Good Manners Class. Lisa and Brad taught the class and Bailey and I gained a lot from it. At this point, I should say that while you learn a lot in class, it finally comes down to the “parent’ to do the training at home. CNC can tell/show you what to do but after that it is up to you to follow-up. I also took an Agility Class with Bailey which Lisa taught. Bailey and I both had a great time. We have since set up an agility course at our home. Recently, we adopted another Standard Poodle puppy and Callie and I took the Basic Obedience class with Jim Ross and Kay Mizell. Before we started the class, we had private lessons at our home with Jim, (which I highly recommend whether with Jim or one of the other trainers.) He worked with Callie (puppy) but some days he worked with both Bailey and Callie, mostly working with Bailey to stay when visitors come to the door. He is an exceptional trainer, easy to talk to and relate to and he always has an answer to a problem with the dog. I highly recommend CNC, the classes are a wonderful asset and the private lessons at your home are invaluable.

Joyce Smith, Blue Ridge Georgia (Dog Training Classes & Private Training)

Jeanette Gowen, Georgia (Separation Anxiety Training)

“And you don’t have to live in Florida!”

Tiffany did a wonderful job helping Milo to get over his separation anxiety! We are up to 4 hours now after only a couple of months (note, not all dogs will have training that only lasts 2 months). Tiffany was always available via emails and texts even when she had family issues happening during the training. She had great advice both for Milo, and my other two dogs! I highly recommend Tiffany and Cold Nose College. And you don’t have to live in Florida! I live in Georgia, and all was done via emails, texts, and Zoom.

“We are very grateful for his innate canine talent” “Professional … intuitive … resourceful … informative … caring … patient … and most of all, genuinely concerned about our troubled rescued hound’s issues. Ever-punctual Brad provided invaluable insight which allowed us to view Hope’s “impossible” behavior as both understandable and even correctable. We are very grateful for his innate canine talent.”

Steve Keim, Young Harris, Georgia (Private Training)

Sherry Johnson, Knoxville, FL (Private Training)

“The most wonderful dog” “I was feeling pretty hopeless about Moss. Moss has had a 100% turn around since that time. He is now gentle with Rummy and does well at parks where he was unable to go, is calm in the car, and just the most wonderful dog. I could have sent you photos of him working the sheep, which is quite incredible, but the biggest accomplishment he has made is his control over his emotions and behavior and his ability to find ways to relax when he is feeling stressed. Thanks so much for all the education you gave me. You were a great shoulder to lean on in traumatic times. I now have the most balanced, wonderful companion in the world and I could have never done it without you. Thank you for everything, Lisa. Without your listening ear and support, I couldn’t have done this by myself. The 4th “Material Needed” on Moss’s Behavioral Modification Plan that you wrote was “Patience, Patience, Patience.” I admire you for all of the patience that you have shown to me. You are a great example for your clients and their dogs.”
“She was a champion for what was best for our dog” “Tiffany guided us through a seemingly impassable journey of desensitizing our pup, Rufus, from his separation anxiety. She provided a detailed and customized plan for us every step of the way, on a daily basis, taking copious notes, making keen observations, and identifying patterns. She spent so much time watching videos of our dog, she’s been in our living room more than any other visitor! Getting her instruction and guidance was invaluable, but we never would have completed the work needed if we didn’t also have Tiffany’s support and enthusiasm. She was an unwavering cheerleader for us, always telling us how well we were doing (when really she’s the one who was doing all the work.) She listened to our concerns and recognized when we were feeling discouraged and was always there to bolster us. And above all else, she was a champion for what was best for our dog. Her empathy for his fear and anxiety was always at the forefront of everything we did.”

Maggie Pickavance, Oakland, CA (Separation Anxiety Training)

Kristen Rein and Diego Portillo, Aurora, Colorado (Separation Anxiety Training)

“Just ‘pawesome’”

“We were introduced to Lisa by Malena DeMartini, a separation anxiety expert. Malena analyzed our situation and thought Lisa was the best fit for us, and she was right. We worked with Lisa for two months, and we enjoyed every session. Lisa guided us step by step through the complete process. She truly cared about our dog, Aspen, and how we, as a family, were doing, and what our expectations were. She was clear in her directions, always taking all the necessary time to make sure Aspen was doing well. Her program was tailored to our and Aspen needs, and she modified as needed. Lisa was there all the way and we really miss our Saturday AM sessions. It was a pleasure to work with her, regardless of the distance as we live in Aurora, CO. It never felt we were not in touch. We worked with Lisa for two months because her help and support was so helpful, we improved so much that we felt that if we continued working with her, we really could make Aspen happier for the long run. Aspen now is a happy big (60 pounds) 10 month old puppy. We would not hesitate to work with Lisa again and we are really looking forward to meeting her in person some time. She is just “pawesome”.

“It doesn’t take that much time to train when you know the right way” “Thank you, Lisa and Brad, for the classes. You have taught me how to be a good pet owner. I thought my dogs, Misty and Lady, just needed a little tweaking in their behavior, but I discovered in your classes that I had them reluctantly obeying commands only because I kept yelling at them. After your gentle teachings, I now have their immediate attention and they respond happily because the commands have become a fun game. I have lost my frustration with them and find their reactions heartwarming. They look to me for fun and interaction now, rather than to the squirrel running up the tree (well, most of the time). The most amazing thing I learned is that it doesn’t take that much time to train a dog when you know the right way. A behavior was usually learned with just two or three five-minute sessions a day and within a week they were solid with the command. Thank you again.”

Judy Grove, Brasstown, North Carolina (Dog Training Classes)

Jan & Jim Salem, Hiawassee, Georgia (Dog Training Classes)

“You taught us the tools” “You are so committed to making us, the humans, do the right thing. You taught us the tools to train our dog outside the classroom, as well as the consistency and patience with the education process to make it successful. Thanks again for everything. You guys rock. You both do an excellent job and I can’t wait to work with you again.”

“Totally worth the money”

“Thank you for providing my two dogs with a wonderful play experience today. The fenced, safe environment and having you two there to watch over my dogs’ behavior was so reassuring to me. I was concerned about one of my dogs being aggressive and you helped me realize the difference between wanting to play and an inappropriate play style. Your attentive and calm demeanor kept the playtime fun and interesting, giving us some of the best playtime we’ve ever had. Today was totally worth the money (quite honestly at any price—although I think you’re giving us all a great bargain) to get to watch my dogs play while having trained professionals there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Toni Bahn, Murphy, North Carolina (Play in the Pasture)

Sandy & Randy Aguiar, Blairsville, Georgia (Private Training)

“We’re a success story” “My dog and cat, Ashley and Sunny, can now co-exist in the same space! I had begun to doubt if this was ever going to happen. Thank you for coming to the cabin and teaching us how to work with them. It took Sunny a long time to feel comfortable enough to not be so afraid of Ashley, but now we’re a success story and you were a part of it. Thank you for all your help!”
“Unbelievably helpful and fun” “The weekend was unbelievably helpful and fun. I’m so thrilled Daisy and I could attend. Now we’ve got plenty to work on. We practiced our polite walking on the terrace this evening and it’s like she’s a different dog from a week ago. She actually knows I am there. What a fantastic workshop. I loved each person and dog.”

Pat Robinson, Atlanta, Georgia (Fabulous Focus Workshop)

Mari-Jonn Ruskowsky, Murphy, North Carolina (Behavior Modification)

“Seeing great resultsy” “Max, the dog-reactive Doodle we fostered, is now with his new family in New Jersey. They are thrilled with him, telling me often about his accomplishments. They use your methods, read your recommendations, and are seeing great results at their local dog park. We were able to get Max to ignore other dogs in most situations and his veterinarian, Dr. Becky Stone, was most impressed by his progress after the educational session we had with you. We’re thankful to you and look forward to more training at Cold Nose College.”
“I have improved my training skills” “Where does this dog trainer from Atlanta go for an educational and positively fun weekend? To the mountains for Mountains of Learning, of course. Through Lisa and Brad’s hands-on classes, I have improved my training and communication skills when I train my own dog. The time we spent outside of class—walking the River Walk, free play in the pasture, agility, and morning hikes—created a fun environment where both dog and owner had to learn to work, play, and focus on each other. Thank you, Cold Nose College!”

Mara Whitacre, Professional Dog Trainer, Atlanta, Georgia (Fabulous Focus Workshop)

Elizabeth Dulemba, Atlanta, Georgia (Basic Manners Class)

“Your methods are working wonders” “Wanted to let you know that the training is already working. We’ve been clicking like crazy, and already both dogs stare at me like I’m a giant slab of bacon. Bernie is even coming when we’re outside. Oh, and the trick of hooking the leash to the front of his harness resulted in the most pleasant walk I’ve had with him in a long time. In other words, it’s only been three days, Bernie hasn’t even physically been to class yet, and already your methods are working wonders around here! Woohoo! Thank you, thank you.”
“The best dog ever” “Those 6 weeks of class went by so fast and I had a complete blast. I looked forward to the next one before the current class was over—my Karley is going to be the best dog ever. I tell everyone I know that Cold Nose College is the place to go! You are both wonderful, kind, caring people, and I’m so glad to have met you and acquired some of your knowledge.”

Kim Dwyer, Blairsville, Georgia (Basic Manners Class)

Kelly Miller, Hayesville, North Carolina (Agility Class)

“Never thought I could have so much fun” “We enjoyed your training class so much and can’t wait for the agility class to begin. We learned so much from you and look forward to learning so much more. Sophie is great. She is relaxing, though not on cue yet, but we’re close. This week I introduced her to the Hula-Hoop and today she jumped through it! We started on the ground just walking through, but that was too easy. Next I raised the hoop a little. Easy. Then a little higher and she soared right through. She loves it, and I never thought I could have so much fun teaching a dog. What a joy it is. Thank you for all you do!”
“Click!” “Fantastic weekend Lisa!! Thank you for having Terry!!! Wonderful place you have, so well organized. You and Brad have thought of everything to make it a place for people to learn. Click!”

Chris Danker, New York (Chicken Camp)

Liz Roetter, New York (Chicken Camp)

“Can’t believe how much I learned” It was a wonderful workshop. My animals and I will benefit for the rest of our lives. Many wonderful people there. I can’t believe how much I really learned. Wish I could do last week all over again.

“Exceeded expectations”

“Definitely exceeded expectations. I enjoyed the pace of the workshop and how we moved from “lecture” (with dogs quiet) to “working” (training with dog) and then swooped back to summarize and Q&A. And then taking a break to head out to the pasture for some outdoor work and fun. A hearty round of applause for all paws involved in putting on a fabulous Fabulous Focus workshop!”

Linda Gonzalez, North Carolina (Fabulous Focus Workshop)

Jan & Bill Gaines, Atlanta, Georgia (Fabulous Focus Workshop)

“What a difference!” “What a difference a workshop makes! First, Bella loves her “working” sessions. I had her targeting yesterday and one of our cats kept walking slowly right in front of her and she stayed focused on her target…and hotdogs! She gets so excited when I ask her if she “wants to work.” Jan had a shaping session with her earlier today and she did so much better than last Saturday at the Training Center. I was hopeful that the absence of the other dogs would allow her to be successful, and that is what is happening. She’s a smart little girl and we owe Lisa & Brad a big debt of gratitude for the Fabulous Focus workshop!”
“A real joy” “Tory and I want to thank you again for such a fun loving class. It was a real joy to be taught in such a positive manner. Your love for the dogs is definitely evident. It just goes to show you that an old and neglected dog CAN be taught new tricks.”

Virginia Lane, Blairsville, Georgia (Basic Manners Class)

Robin Politiwicz, Murphy NC, Now Gainesville, FL (Basic Manners Class)

“A good, educational time was had by all” “Just a note to tell you how much Stumps and I enjoyed the Basic Manners class. We really liked the “My Dog Can Do That!” activity this afternoon. I learned that even if Stumps and I hadn’t practiced that exact behavior, his new knowledge of clicker training helps him figure things out (me as well!). A good, educational time was had by all, and I’ll be sure to recommend the training to others.”
“My clients were impressed” “Brad, Just wanted to let you know that the first aid training I received at Cold Nose College really paid off. I was walking a group of dogs down the same trail I’ve been using all summer when we were attacked by a swarm of bees. My dogs started pawing at their faces and squirming on the ground. They each had at least 5-6 bees just on their muzzles! As the bees just kept coming we made a run for it. We ran a 1/4 mile or more before the bees would leave us alone. We all had multiple stings. I had my first aid kit on me and gave each dog Benedryl before continuing back to the car. I knew that none of the dogs’ owners had said they were allergic to bees, but I you never know with multiple stings from a swarm. We ended up going to the vet just to be on the safe side and he confirmed that I did the right thing. My clients were thankful and impressed that I knew what to do and actually had Benedryl with me on the trail. Recently, one of these same clients was also attacked by bees while out with her dogs in her own yard. She told me that because of my experience and training she knew what to do. The first aid training prepares us for what we hope never happens and prevents panic when the situation arises.”

Robyn Socarro, dog*tec Certified Dog Walker, Bella Vista, Arkansas (First Aid, Dog Walking Academy)

Terrie and Larry Allen, Blue Ridge, Georgia (Private Training)

“A wonderful companion” “Zuzu is coming along nicely. Without your direction, we would probably have given her up and we’re very glad that we didn’t. You gave us the tools we needed when we were at the end of our rope and taught us how to teach her acceptable behavior. She is becoming a wonderful, energy-filled companion and we feel lucky to have her. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Your training has been truly amazing” “I took coco for her first walk on the street yesterday and she did great. She did great, did not pull on the leash even when a dog passed by. She sat down and watched. Here is the amazing thing: Our birds flew over her head and one landed on the floor, the other on the couch. I told her leave it and stay and she did not move. I picked up the birds, put them in the cage, rewarded her, then I leashed her and opened the front door wide to the outside. She did not move until I said free. Had to tell you how she continues to amaze us. Your training has been truly amazing for her. Thank you!”

Carol Lynn, Murphy NC (Private Training)

Dave & Robin Colloms, Blairsville, Georgia (Private Training)

“Great investment for our peace of mind” “Cedar has recently completed 22 miles with Dave on the Appalachian Trail, passing people and dogs, as well as allowing other dogs to hike past. We are still using the methods we learned from our time at Cold Nose College. Cedar has really made some improvements. Our time with you was a great investment for Cedar & our peace of mind. Thanks for your help!”
“Our lives are going to be better” “I truly cannot begin to thank you enough for Napper’s and my extraordinary time with you. I know that our lives are going to be better because of it. Thank you so much for being so understanding and dear with him and with me and for your exceptional knowledge and help.”

Martha Temple, Blue Ridge, Georgia (Private Training)

Sharon Coogle, Blue Ridge, Georgia (Private Training)

“A happy dog household” “Scarcely a day goes by that we do not feel thankful for you and all that we have learned that makes us a happy dog household.”
“A different dog” “Thanks again for all your help with Willow. She still has some issues with dogs that get close but she is so much better and I know that Cold Nose College and the classes were the key to helping with her anxiety. We can walk with our friends with their dog and for the most part she ignores dogs in the park and that is a huge success. She is a different dog from the one who came to us.”

Jan & Bruce Mierke, Murphy, NC (Private Training)

Elaine Raider, Blue Ridge, Georgia (Private Training)

“A better family” “We have continued to work with Tara. She still doesn’t interact with most of our guests but she stays on her bed in the living room with people all around and is actually laying down on her side, relaxed! Harry arranged a meeting with another dog. They peed, sniffed, and did all things doggie without incident. I received a text photo on my phone of the two of them playing together. I was in shock!!! I hope you are as thrilled as I am, and you are the reason we have the knowledge to help Tara and us all be a better family!”
“We saw noticeable improvements in the behavior of our puppy thanks to Jenna’s guidance and suggestions.” “After doing extensive research on puppy trainers in San Diego, I’m so glad we found Jenna. We started with an at-home consultation where Jenna took the time to listen to our routine, what we thought was going well and where we could use some help with our 10-week old golden boxer. She provided a ton of helpful information and even went through some training in that first consultation to help us get started, as well as created a plan of what we would work on together in the coming weeks. We had 3 private training sessions with Jenna and saw noticeable improvements in the behavior of our puppy thanks to her guidance and suggestions. Since then, he has been doing great and I have Jenna’s number on speed dial for when we hit the tough adolescent phase! I would absolutely recommend Jenna to other puppy owners who are looking for someone with a positive, enthusiastic energy and great tips and tricks for owners to be successful when she is not there. Thanks so much, Jenna!

Gabrielle & Matt Hennessy, San Diego, CA (Private Training)

Pam and Kevin Rozelsky – Fairfax Station, VA (Separation Anxiety Training)

“We could not have asked for a better trainer to help us with our dog and her separation anxiety.” Jenna explained everything to us, took the time to really understand our situation, and we knew she was rooting for Eloise just as much as we were. She laughed with us when we had technical difficulties like crashing iPads, and was just as excited as we were when Eloise made an extraordinary jump in her time alone. Jenna has the technical training skills and the motivational ability that kept us positive and plugging along in what can be a slow and emotional process. We highly recommend Jenna for Separation Anxiety Training.
“We get so many compliments about our puppy’s good behavior and life at home with Josie has become much easier…” Jenna was wonderful to work with. She clearly cared about our puppy, Josie, and wanted her to be a happy, healthy dog. She was available in between sessions and frequently checked in just to see how Josie was doing with the training tasks (and she was kind enough to check in after Josie was sick one week!). As first time puppy parents we had SO MANY questions and Jenna answered all of them, even the random questions that we had in between sessions. She provided detailed emails with instructions for different training games, suggestions for toys, harnesses and treats. We felt like we had the support we needed with Jenna to help Josie develop into a happy, confident puppy. We get so many compliments about our puppy’s good behavior and life at home with Josie has become much easier since we started working with Jenna. Josie is such a happy puppy! Jenna was kind, gentle and caring towards our puppy and was always professional and friendly with us humans 🙂 We recommend Jenna without any reservation. Not only will you learn a lot as owners, but your puppy will be given the tools and instruction they need to be happy and confident!

Andrea and Ryan Pratt – San Diego, CA (Private Training)

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