Productive Biz2Biz Meeting Last Night

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce Biz2Biz Networking Meeting!  We had a nice turnout and believe the count was about 47 members of the business community.  We so enjoy taking part in the meetings and were happy to be able to be the host for January’s meeting.

For the Value Add portion of the evening, Brad and I shared information about the importance of knowing your customers and being able to provide new services based on that knowledge.  Then the meeting turned to more networking.  It’s always interesting to learn about what current business owners are involved with and to meet new members of the business community and learn what they’re doing.  One of my favorite parts of the evening is when each business owner is given 10 seconds to share information about their business.  People are getting quite creative about how to give the listeners some “sizzle” about their business.

I think we’re all aware of how important it is to support local businesses and shop locally.  Phylis Blackmon,  Chamber Director, shared some information about the impact of shopping locally:  for every dollar that’s spent at a small, local business, 63 cents of that dollar stays in the community and for every dollar that’s spent at a chain store, 42 cents of that dollar stays in the community.

Door Prizes were given out nearly every 15 minutes.  Cold Nose College donated a one-hour private training session and a hearty thanks to the donations from our resident merchants in the Brother’s Landing Plaza:  Xtreme Exchange, Rumors, Brother’s Restaurant, George’s Butcher Shop and also The Green Sheets.  We appreciate your generosity!  A big thanks also goes to Phylis Blackmon and Nancy Lane of the Chamber for their work in the planning, as well as the Chamber Ambassadors who always add to the pleasure.

Next month’s meeting will be held at Brother’s Restaurant………see you there!


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