R.E.A.D. – Reading Education Assistance Dogs

I always so enjoy the school programs we do whether it be a dog bite prevention program, a career day or discussing the benefits of positive reinforcement in working with dogs, children and people.   I had heard about therapy dogs who worked with children in schools to assist in literacy programs.  Thanks to my friend, Laurie Luck, whose dog, Tango, is a R.E.A.D. dog, I was motivated to explore the R.E.A.D. program.  The mission of the R.E.A.D. program is to improve the literacy skills of children through the assistance of registered therapy teams as literacy mentors.

The first step in the program is for a dog to be a registered Therapy Dog, which Gibson is.  Second step is to order the training package to begin the process, so I did that yesterday.  I’m looking forward to receiving it and getting started.

Gibson is always such a willing participant in our school programs, so I know he’ll enjoy, as I do, the ability to help make a difference in the lives of children who are learning to read.  We can’t wait to get started!


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