Successful Play in the Pasture Day!

Gracie Romps Toward Peaches

The Play in the Pasture Day was a great success!

A good time was had by all…..canines and humans alike.

(A few photos follow and for more click here)

We had a really nice group of 5 small dogs (Gracie, Peaches, Tootsie, Candy and Aslyn) who frolicked to and fro across the pasture.  Tootsie immediately appointed herself “the fun police” and excitedly barked at those who zoomed past her.  It wasn’t long, however, before she settled in was zooming around the pasture with the others.  There’s hardly anything more fun than watching a dog with the “zoomies!”

Georgia and Eric enjoy the moment

Eric & Georgia Enjoy the Moment

We had 3 dogs in the large group session (Georgia, Kyra and Cody) and they romped and chased one another till their tongues were hanging out.  We learned quickly when they were running full speed at us, the humans, you certainly needed to keep an eye out, lest they take you down with them.  They were so fun to watch and evenly matched in their play styles.

Cody,  Georgia andKyra

Georgia, Cody and Kyra enjoy the pasture.

You can mark your calendars for the 2nd Saturday of each month for the Play in the Pasture Days.

Next date will be August 8.

Peaches Play Bows for Gracie & Candy

Peaches Play Bows for Tootsie & Candy

Cody & Georgia Cody & Georgia Smile for the Camera

Thanks to everyone who joined us and see you again on August 8th!

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