We walk, think, and dream dog...

Seems our dog brains rarely power down, and there has to be a depository for all our musings. We hope you enjoy this ongoing collection of our training thoughts, with a bit of CNC news thrown in here and there.

Lisa practicing loose leash walking with Keaton during a dog training class

Your Dog Thinks Loose Leash Walking is Silly

No matter what you call it—polite walking, loose leash walking or walking nicely on leash—if we asked a dog’s thoughts about the necessity of walking slowly on leash next to their human, they’d shout out loud and clear, “Absolutely not!”  When do you ever see a dog walking slowly in

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Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

by Lisa Lyle Waggoner Ahhhh, early autumn and changing leaves!  As the days get cooler, my thoughts turn to hiking with my dog.  I’m fortunate to live in an area where I can easily walk outside of the fenced acreage around my home and hit a few trails. I love

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Whose Walk Is It Anyway?

by Lisa Lyle Waggoner As I headed out the door the other day for a long walk with my two dogs, I wondered, “Whose walk is it anyway?” It’s probably no surprise to anyone who shares their life with a dog that their sense of smell is keen.  In doing

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