We walk, think, and dream dog...

Seems our dog brains rarely power down, and there has to be a depository for all our musings. We hope you enjoy this ongoing collection of our training thoughts, with a bit of CNC news thrown in here and there.

When It Comes To Crates, Think Outside The Box

*This article has also been featured in The Bark Magazine’s “guest posts” blog section* Most dog professional feel crates are a necessity when sharing your life with a dog. Crates can be a great management tool. They are helpful with a new puppy’s house-training routine. They can be a wonderful

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You Wouldn’t Set a Puppy Up for Failure, Would You?

Unethical Breeding Practices My favorite expression is, “You don’t know what you don’t know till you know it.”  So with that statement in mind, I hope the myriad of people posting 5 and 6 week old puppies for sale online through local Facebook yard sales pages are, at best, misinformed

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A Parent’s Guide To Cesar Millan

The majority of recent canine research shows that dogs have cognitive abilities very similar to those of a 2- to 3-year-old human child. So it makes sense to compare how we treat our dogs to how we treat our preschoolers. What if Cesar Millan were your child’s preschool teacher? To

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There’s No App for That!

  As “National Train Your Dog Month” comes to a close again this year, I’m reviewing the comments and questions below our daily Training Tip posts on Facebook. The overwhelming majority of comments were positive and the questions gave us great ideas for future posts. Thank you to everyone who

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