Yes, It’s Truly a Flu That Can Affect Dogs

I’ve had a few clients call me recently about the Dog Flu. With all the media hype about all types of flu’s around these days, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned from my own research.  As always, I urge you to also do your own research and be a critical thinker about what’s best for your own pooch.

Dog flu is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs caused by a specific Type A influenza virus referred to as a “canine influenza virus.” This is a disease of dogs, not of humans, says the Centers for Disease Control. It seems it’s been around in horses for somewhere around 40 years, but only since 2004 in dogs and is considered a new pathogen in dogs.  And no, it doesn’t affect humans. Fox News also reported info on the dog flu.

It can, however, cause typical flu-like symptoms in your dog such as cough, runny nose and fever.  And with some dogs it could be serious, just as the human flu can be serious for some of our own species.  So, don’t dally about a vet visit if you think your canine kid isn’t feeling well. It seems that dogs who are most at risk are dogs who go to boarding, daycare facilities and show dogs…..generally speaking where your dog has lots of contact with large numbers of other dogs.

I queried several veterinarians here in the tri-state area and each has their own suggestion for how susceptible dogs may be to this flu, as well as whether or not your dog should receive the dog flu vaccine (yes, there is a vaccine available).  So, please be sure to check with your personal vet relative to advice about the dog flu.

Oh…and the dog in the photo?  That’s our dear girl, Abbey, who crossed over that Rainbow Bridge last year (my Angel Dog).  She was quite healthy and merely posing for a “get well” photo to be used in a card for one of our relatives.  She does look pitiful though, doesn’t she?

Here’s to nothing but Healthy Humans and Healthy Dogs

during this Holiday Season and beyond!

Lisa Lyle Waggoner is the author of The Original Rocket Recall™: Teach Your Dog to Come. She’s a CPDT-KA, a CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer), a Pat Miller Certified Trainer Level 2, Faculty for the Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Training and Behavior, a dog*tec Certified Professional Dog Walker and the founder of Cold Nose College in Murphy, North Carolina. The company’s trainers enjoy providing virtual behavior consulting and training solutions to clients around the globe and offers coaching, mentoring and behavior case support for pet professionals.


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