Cats. A mind of their own?

Did you know cats respond extremely well to training?

While behaviorally different than dogs, cats respond very well to training. You can teach them to stay off the counter. You can teach them to sit. You can teach them to scratch on surfaces of your preference. You can teach them to ride peacefully in your car. You can teach them to love their cat carrier. 

Check out this video of Xena in her first training session.  She’s learning nose targeting (so amazingly useful) and sit.

You can also teach a cat to Come!

While cats seem to have a mind of their own, we teach cats a strong recall the exact same way we do dogs. Oh…and that mind of their own?  It’s because they’re not nearly as domesticated as dogs.

In this video, you see Tiffany Lovell of Cold Nose College Space Coast teaching her adorable furry feline, Gabby, to return to her on cue.  A cat who will soon not only have a recall, but a Rocket Recall!

While cats don’t join us in group classes, we do a number of in-home private sessions to help cats adjust to a new dog in the home or vice versa as well as helping clients with other cat related behavior issues.

There are a number of behavioral issues families experience with cats (outside of interactions with a dog) that can be prevented or modified with a little help from a knowledgeable trainer so cats aren’t relinquished to shelters. Inappropriate elimination is a big one.

At Cold Nose College our mission is keeping cats and dogs in their forever homes through training and education.

We focus on teaching the cat (or dog) what “to do” and  also focus on preventing problems . Preventing is so much easier than retraining or modifying unwanted behaviors.

Having issues with your furry feline?  We can help.

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