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Rocket Recall™
Instructor’s Handout Kit

Introducing the Rocket Recall™ Instructor’s Handout Kit—it’s a game changer!

As professional trainers, one of the top requests from our clients is a reliable recall. Now, thanks to the Original Rocket Recall™, teaching clients and their dogs just got a lot easier!

All the Rocket Recall™ exercises and games you love are now available as handouts you can share with your clients.

Professionally designed handouts break down each exercise, including the goal, where to practice, how to prepare, training tips, and even problem solving.

Saves you loads of time (and energy)
Each ready-made handout contains easy-to-follow instructions for exercises and games to teach a Rocket Recall™. Why reinvent the wheel?
Keeps clients engaged in their training
Handouts deliver instructions in digestible bites, providing ‘quick wins’ for both humans and dogs. Plus, the exercises are really fun!
Helps clients stay on track and on task
You provide the exercises in order and encourage achievement of specific criteria before moving to the next phase. This structure helps reduce the risk of clients skipping important steps.
Gives you a proven system for teaching recall
Who doesn’t want to feel organized and equipped with a plan? Simply provide handouts as you teach the exercises and concepts and watch your clients succeed.
Makes you look great
Professionally designed handouts support what you’re teaching and the polished image you strive to convey to clients.

“What I love most about sharing the Rocket Recall handouts with my clients is that rather than just hearing me say how to do things, they see it, read it and then experience it in real time as they work through the exercises. It definitely deepens their understanding of what’s involved with teaching a recall and thus their results. And more importantly, it saves dogs’ lives. Truly, these handouts are a game changer!”

Sam Wike, CPDT-KA, VSPDT, The Inner Dog LLC

Ready to teach Rocket Recall the easy way?

When you sign up you’ll get:

  • All the Foundation Exercises and Rocket Recall Games — 18 in all — many with multiple phases and/or variations of the exercise. Priced at $199.
  • Each systematic and progressive foundation exercise and Rocket Recall training exercise is a separate PDF so you can deliver the next exercise when your client has mastered the previous training goal.
  • A system for teaching recall that’s easier for you and produces great results for your clients.

Full List of Exercises

Foundation Training Exercises for Rocket Recall

  • The Check-In Game
    • Phase One
    • Phase Two
    • Phase Three
    • Problem solving for each phase
  • The Name Game
    • Phase One
    • Phase Two
    • Phase Three
    • Problem solving for each phase


The Rocket Recall Training Exercises

  • Pick a Cue
    • Instructions
  • Turn on the Cue
    • Instructions and Problem solving
  • The Chase Me Game
    • Phase One
    • Phase Two
    • Phase Three
    • Problem solving for each phase
  • The Round Robin Game
  • Foundation Exercise for the Round Robin Game: Two People
    • Problem solving
  • Round Robin Game: Three People or More
  • Problem solving
  • Premack the Recall
    • Eleven versions of the Premack Game
  • The Hide and Seek Game
  • The Recall and Release Game
  • Ways to Practice Recall in Everyday Life
When you teach Rocket Recall and share these training exercises with your clients, you’re helping to expand the reach of the Rocket Recall system, therefore helping more dogs and their people. We appreciate you being part of this movement!

About Your Purchase

Your purchase allows you unlimited usage of the handouts to share directly with your clients in print or as a PDF file, with the expectation that clients will only be using them under your expert guidance as a subscriber to the Rocket Recall Instructor’s Handout Kit. No other use is permitted under this subscription.

Please do not share any handouts (individually or as a packet) publicly on your website, on social media, in a blog, or in other publicly accessible online locations.

By the way, we’d love to hear your success stories!

Yes, please make teaching recall easier!

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