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We believe that when trainers collaborate, we build and strengthen our industry and, in turn, can help more dogs stay in their forever homes.

How can we collaborate with you?

Make teaching a recall easier!

Your clients want a reliable recall for their dog, and you want a reliable system for teaching it! With the Rocket Recall™ Instructor’s Handout Kit you create an easy win for you and your clients.

Behavior Case Support

Get one on one support for your challenging behavior cases. Our coaches are experts in dog behavior issues and can help provide clarity and peace of mind as you navigate training plans and solutions. Learn more about Behavior Case Support consulting.

Get Career Decision Support!

You’ve decided to pursue a career as a pet professional—we applaud you! Our coaches can help you narrow your focus, determine next steps, and help you get your ideal journey underway. Learn more about Career Decision Support consulting.

Want a quick win?

Download The 12 Rules of Rocket Recall, our free tips for success in teaching your dog to Come.