Rocket Recall™
Teach Your Dog to Come

Nominated for Training Book of the year in the Dog Writers Association of America Annual Writing Contest.

Is your dog convinced that “Come!” is optional?

Are you frustrated or embarrassed when you call and he runs the other way?

Are you worried about her safety when she doesn’t come back?

Do you want a dog who will return to you the first time–every time?

In Rocket Recall™: Teach Your Dog To Come, you’ll learn the easy, fun, and effective steps of training Rocket Recall so you and your dog can safely enjoy off-leash activities.

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For Pet Owners

If you’re a pet owner striving to teach Rocket Recall, explore our options designed just for you and your dog. From the self-paced course, streaming videos, and more—learn how you can connect with your dog and achieve results like you never imagined.

For Pet Pros

You love The Original Rocket Recall book, now you can teach your clients the same great exercises and save yourself time and energy. Learn more about the Rocket Recall™ Instructor’s Handout Kit.

What is a Rocket Recall?

“It’s that glorious moment when anytime and anywhere you say “Come!” your dog immediately and enthusiastically turns on a dime and bounds rapidly to you. Sound impossible? It’s not. It can be done!” Lisa Lyle Waggoner

WHY Rocket Recall™

I wrote Rocket Recall to answer the top two questions we’ve been asked in all of our years of training:

“I want my dog to listen!”
“My dog won’t come when called.”

Of all the behaviors owners need dogs to learn, the most important is a fast recall when called because it is a potentially life-saving skill. Whether Rover is preparing to roll in a smelly patch of grass, approaching a skunk, or worst of all — barreling toward a busy street — a “rocket recall” is the key to ensuring your dog sprints back to you when asked to do so.

About Rocket Recall™

This new, easy-to-follow book provides you with detailed and progressive training steps for making recall training fun and effective for you and your dog. You’ll learn:

  • How to build fabulous focus and attention as a foundation for Rocket Recall™
  • The Chase Me Game: a fun way to build your dog’s desire to come to you
  • How to create a simple training plan to help your dog “get it right”
  • Strategies for recall success in highly challenging environments
  • Ways to avoid–and undo–the common mistakes that undermine a reliable recall

When you follow the Rocket Recall training plan, you’ll have a dog that remains attentive when with you. And with recalls and attention established, the sky’s the limit as to what you can accomplish together.

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