Rocket Recall™
Teach Your Dog to Come

Nominated for Training Book of the year in the Dog Writers Association of America Annual Writing Contest.

In Rocket Recall™: Teach Your Dog To Come, you’ll learn the easy, fun, and effective steps of training Rocket Recall so you and your dog can safely enjoy off-leash activities.


More About Rocket Recall™…

What is a Rocket Recall?

“It’s that glorious moment when anytime and anywhere you say “Come!” your dog immediately and enthusiastically turns on a dime and bounds rapidly to you. Sound impossible? It’s not. It can be done!” Lisa Lyle Waggoner

The Original Rocket Recall™ Self-Paced Program

WHY Rocket Recall™

I wrote Rocket Recall to answer the top two questions we’ve been asked in all of our years of training:

“I want my dog to listen!”
“My dog won’t come when called.”

Of all the behaviors owners need dogs to learn, the most important is a fast recall when called because it is a potentially life-saving skill. Whether Rover is preparing to roll in a smelly patch of grass, approaching a skunk, or worst of all — barreling toward a busy street — a “rocket recall” is the key to ensuring your dog sprints back to you when asked to do so.

About Rocket Recall™

This new, easy-to-follow book provides you with detailed and progressive training steps for making recall training fun and effective for you and your dog. You’ll learn:

  • How to build fabulous focus and attention as a foundation for Rocket Recall™
  • The Chase Me Game: a fun way to build your dog’s desire to come to you
  • How to create a simple training plan to help your dog “get it right”
  • Strategies for recall success in highly challenging environments
  • Ways to avoid–and undo–the common mistakes that undermine a reliable recall

When you follow the Rocket Recall training plan, you’ll have a dog that remains attentive when with you. And with recalls and attention established, the sky’s the limit as to what you can accomplish together.

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