Clients Applying Class Exercises to Real Life!

On Facebook a few days ago, we posted some information about the polite greeting work Linzy & Bob have been doing at home with their lovely Lab, Buck.  They were kind enough to send an email about their success and include photos.  Talk about positive reinforcement for us trainers!

Linzy & Bob are in our Basic Manners Class and have been doing a fine job of continuing to work with Buck outside of the classroom.  This evening, we returned home to find another email.  We teach Targeting in class (teaching a dog to touch a hand or object with a part of their body).  It’s one exercise that many clients don’t seem to connect with right away, but has a zillion and one (really, it does) practical applications.  Well maybe not a zillion, but close!

I tried to post their email on Facebook, but it was a bit too long, so the reason for this blog post:

Subject:  Another Use for Targeting

Sometimes at night when Buck has been out on the deck, he will scratch at the door to come in, but when we open the door, he just stands there and won’t come in.  So the other night I held out my hand and said touch.  When he did, I pulled my hand further inside and said touch again.  Pretty soon he was inside.  Now Bob and I both do this if he’s relunctant to come in and it works every time.  It only takes about 3 touches and he’s inside.  Thanks. Linzy

We strive to give clients not only the skills they and their dog need at the moment, help them learn to “think dog,” and to give them the skills necessary to apply the things we teach in class to everyday life.
A big Click/Treat to Bob and Linzy for continuing to follow through to help set Buck up for success.  Well Done!


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