Rocket Recall™
Teach Your Dog to Come

Is your dog convinced that “Come!” is optional?

Are you frustrated or embarrassed when you call and he runs the other way?

Are you worried about her safety when she doesn’t come back?

Do you want a dog who will return to you the first time–every time?

In Rocket Recall™: Teach Your Dog To Come, you’ll learn the easy, fun, and effective steps of training Rocket Recall so you and your dog can safely enjoy off-leash activities.

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Having difficulty getting your dog to come back to you? Easy to follow lessons in the Rocket Recall Course break down the steps making learning easy for you and your dog. You’ll see your dog having fun as you progress through the exercises toward the Rocket Recall.

Our professionally produced do-it-yourself dog training videos provide expert advice and easy steps for how to train your own dog—so you can train whenever you feel like it. Did we mention they’re fun, too?

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Rocket Recall Online Course! A tried & true—and fun—way to teach your dog to come!

“Fido, Come!” Your dog turns on a dime and rockets back to you. Yes, it’s possible!

The Rocket Recall Course makes it easy!

Easy-to-follow lessons break down the steps
We take you through each exercise, including the goal, where to practice, how to prepare, training tips, problem solving, and more so you can train the recall with confidently and efficiently.

Exercises and games keep both you and your dog engaged
You’ll literally see your dog learning and having fun with the Rocket Recall exercises, basically ‘gamifying’ your training so that you’re both enjoying ‘wins’ every step of the way. Plus, you have the joy of seeing your dog’s enthusiasm for recall grow stronger.

Ready to join thousands of pet owners who’ve finally achieved the elusive recall!

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