Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Separation anxiety in dogs is a tragic disorder affecting the lives of millions of dogs and the people who love them. What a dog with separation anxiety experiences when left alone is akin to a human panic attack.  

Fortunately, separation anxiety can be successfully treated.

Sad-looking herding dog peeking out from a doorway

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety can display a wide range of symptoms when alone and anxious including:

  • excessive vocalization
  • destruction around the entry and exit points of the home
  • urination and defecation  
  • damage to furniture, clothing, eyeglasses (often heavily owner-scented items )
  •  bent crate door or wires from attempts to escape
  • shredded crate bedding or flooring

It doesn’t have to be like this. We can teach your dog to enjoy being home alone.

Are you unable to leave your dog alone without:

  • Coming home to complaints that he’s been barking all day?
  • Finding doors, windows, furniture, or other items destroyed?
  • Vet visits for wounds caused by anxious licking or chewing?
  • The stress of knowing your dog is anxious and unhappy without you?
Anxious dog laying in kitchen with destruction around her

Let our experts help. Our five Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers have a combined 21 years of experience helping dogs enjoy separation without anxiety.

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Dogs Can Recover from Separation Anxiety

If you have a dog who suffers from this condition, please know two things: you did not cause this behavior, and your dog can recover.

Separation anxiety can be triggered by rehoming, changes in the household composition (such as key people in the dog’s life moving out), the death of another dog in the home, traumatic experiences (for example, the dog is home alone during a break-in to the house), or moving to a new home.

Separation anxiety worsens over time without treatment. Treating the condition requires time and patience, but the results are well worth it. Just imagine coming home to a dog who’s been happily snoozing all day instead of tearing up your house—and your heart—in a panic attack.

Your dog can learn to stay home alone, and you can regain your lifestyle and peace of mind.

How the Separation Anxiety in Dogs Training Protocol Works

Treatment for separation anxiety includes addressing the underlying anxiety, not the symptoms. The behavior modification training protocol used is desensitization—exposing the dog to that which scares him—the human’s absence—in small enough increments of time so that the dog “does not” feel anxious during the training. The repeated small duration absences increase over time so your dog learns to be home alone and happy. 

Wherever you live, we can help

Due to the unique nature of separation anxiety and its treatment protocols, we can work with dogs and owners suffering from this behavior challenge anywhere in the United States or elsewhere around the globe using Zoom or other similar technology.

Ready for relief? Choose your training option:

Option One - Schedule an Initial Consult & Video Assessment (90 min) - $175*

Begin the path to relief with an Initial Consult and Assessment. We’ll cover a lot of ground in this first meeting:

  • We’ll take a complete canine history, discuss your dog’s symptoms, your absence goals, etc.
  • Then our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) will conduct a live assessment to observe your dog’s symptoms to rule in or rule out separation anxiety.
  • We’ll discuss management and strategies for suspending absences during the training process to prevent your dog from experiencing anxiety. Don’t worry, we’ve helped 100s of dog owners find ways to make their custom training protocol achievable and successful.  
  • Finally, we’ll provide an overview of the recovery process and our training protocol so you know what to expect moving forward.

Our goal is to provide you a more thorough understanding of separation anxiety, and how we can help 1) your dog feel more comfortable alone and 2) you regain peace of mind and lifestyle.  

*The full amount of your Initial Consult & Assessment will be credited toward your first four-week training package.

Take the first step to peace of mind, book an Initial Consult & Video Assessment:  $175

Option 2 - Customized Four-Week Separation Anxiety Package - $825

The four-week customized treatment package includes the Initial Consult and Video Assessment and a treatment plan tailored specifically for your dog’s case and your lifestyle. 

Four-Week Separation Anxiety Package Details

After the initial consult and video assessment we continue your path to relief with a four-week comprehensive package that includes:

  • Weekly Zoom meetings to discuss progress and answer questions, about an hour each week
  • Customized daily training plans (usually five plans a week, with two ‘rest days’)
  • Review and feedback from your CSAT on your daily training plans and clearly defined next steps
  • A shared workbook that tracks data and shows you improvements and successes in your dog’s ability to be home alone
  • Support every step of the way – we are dedicated to your success

Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Go to work knowing there will be no surprises waiting at the end of the day. Enjoy dinner or a movie out without guilt. Run errands without having to take your dog along. In short, enjoy life with your dog anxiety-free for you both.

Take the first step to relief, book a Four Week Separation Anxiety Package: $825

Discounted rates for ongoing support

We want the results of your training protocol to be life-changing—both for you and your dog—and this takes time. Most dog owners work with us for 8 to 12 weeks. After the initial separation anxiety consult and video assessment we offer discounted rates on additional training packages.

Book two 4-week packages $1500 ($750/per package) 

Book three 4-week packages $2100 ($700 per package)

Meet Your Separation Anxiety Experts:

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