Talk About Positive Reinforcement!

I’ve been neglecting my preventive visits to the dentist (E. Tom Mims) for some time now and procastinating about making an appointment.  Honestly, I just haven’t been able to find the time to make the call and carve out time in my schedule.  Their office has dialed me several times, reminding me that it’s time, but their nudging still didn’t get me to put it on my calendar.  Recently, my elderly dog, Abbey, had 4 infected teeth pulled and I thought…..ok maybe it’s time to call.  But alas, no dialing of Dr. Mims’ number.  Then last week, I noticed an envelope from Dr. Mims’ office when I picked up the mail.  I was just certain it was another reminder notice.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and saw this:

What a surprise!  I recently obtained the PMCT Certification, given by Pat Miller of Peaceable Paws, for successfully completing 135 hours of dog training, behavior modification and instructor courses.  I thought was so touching that someone in the office not only cut the article out of the newspaper, but also positioned it nicely on a piece of paper and then had everyone in the office add a note.  So, guess what I did? I made the call I had been trying to make for some time!  I particularly liked the comment, “Will it work on the dentist”?  I’m happy to say that when I called their offices, I told them, “Yes, by all means, positive reinforcement will work on Dr. Mims!”


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