Virtual Dog Training During the Coronavirus Pandemic

virtual dog training session in progress

Virtual Consults, just like being there!

It takes a lot of focus to accept the uncertainty that abounds in our lives during this pandemic.

We imagine that rings true for you, too.

It’s normal to have fear and anxiety during this pandemic. An appropriate level of these can be productive – it keeps you as safe as possible. 

Safety is our focus for you and your dogs.

With that said, we’ve suspended all in-person training for an indefinite period of time. 

But we’re still busy training dogs and clients!

One result of the new “stay at home” requirements is that you’re with your dog nearly 24/7. Our lives are in upheaval in one way or another. You’re trying to figure out how to keep your dog quiet during your work at home conference calls. Or maybe it’s trying to figure out what to do if you can’t give your dog the exercise needed to burn off energy. Or maybe it’s a behavioral change that has you stymied. All these are a few examples of what we’re currently working on with our virtual clients. We can help!

Just this past week we’ve rolled out virtual training with clients in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Virginia, Oregon, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, as well as the United Kingdom.

We’re thankful that much of our dog training work with clients is already accomplished via distance consults using video conferencing.

For six years we’ve worked with dog guardians throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia and it’s just like being there! 

Tiffany in a virtual consult with Cubbie and his awesome guardians.

The technology we use is quite easy and amazingly efficient.

We use a video conferencing app that’s free and easy to download and once you have the app on your phone or computer, all you need is the link to connect with us virtually.

Really seamless!

We can continue to help you reach your goals for your dog with online training while maintaining the needed physical distancing from other people.

The only downside is that when working with puppies, we’re unable to smell the puppy breath! Now, if someone would create an app that allows us to “smell” too!

Wrigley showing off his Down during a virtual training session.

There are so many important early socialization and training needs for new puppies! Even though you can’t get out and about as you normally would with the “shelter at home” restrictions, we can help you strategize and find ways to meet those vital needs for your new puppy through remote virtual training consults.

In addition to our private virtual training consults with clients, we’ve been rolling out virtual training for the Rescued Program, the jail dog program we’ve been involved with for 8 years. The detainees and dogs continue to make progress weekly during our live, online consult training sessions.

Willa learns to “Relax” during virtual training with the Rescued Program at the Colwell Probation Detention Center

Our clients say it best and we never tire of hearing how we’ve made a difference:

We are first time dog parents of a 2 year old dog from a shelter.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed with potty training and dealing with barking at other dogs, we turned to Rachel. Our initial consultation was so reassuring.  She was extremely knowledgeable and her recommendations made so much practical sense!  Love the idea of  “setting up a positive dialogue” with our dog—it totally changed our point of view.  She was super respectful of the value of the time we had booked with her and packed the half hour consultation with tons of useful info.  We are now going to sign up for 4 weeks of online training so we can make some substantial progress with our new furry friend!  Thanks Rachel!” Megan and Matt Moyneur, West Sacramento, CA

If you’re looking for ways to ease the stress you may be feeling right now, here are some things we’ve been doing:  

  • Take comfort in the bond you have with your dog. Spend time together. Enjoy snuggling.
  • Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy lunch out of doors with your dog whether it be in your back yard or an open outdoor area away with an appropriate distance away from others.
  • Take frequent breaks from technology, social media and news channels by taking your dog for a sniff walk.
  • Find a few minutes each day for training – you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll make progress. 

We’re ready to work with you to solve your dog’s training or behavior needs or get your new puppy started off on the “right paw” with a remote consult. We can assist you in feeling comfortable with online training so that you can achieve your goals!

Join the Cold Nose College Virtual Training Team!

From all of us at Cold Nose College, we wish you safety, health and Happy Training in the upcoming days and weeks ahead.

Lisa Lyle Waggoner is a CPDT-KA, a CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer), a Pat Miller Certified Trainer Level 2, Faculty for the Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Training and Behavior, a dogbiz Certified Professional Dog Walker and the founder of Cold Nose College in Murphy, North Carolina.  She enjoys providing behavior consulting and training solutions to clients in the tri-state area of North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, as well as offering educational opportunities and distance consults for clients, dog trainers and dog hobbyists throughout the U.S. and Europe. 


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